We specialize in the custom design and fabrication of solid wood handrails. Each of our handrails is made to order and thus perfectly tailored to our customer's specifications.

The Process
An accurate drawing is all we need to fabricate any type of railing in our shop.  (We are also happy to assist the architect in designing the stairs or to comment on plans or drawings.) After we receive a preliminary drawing, we will discuss details and local code requirements with you. If an accurate drawing of an existing space is not available, we can visit the site and do a laser shoot of the space or existing stair with the Leica 3-D Disto Laser to insure the accuracy of your finished handrail. We'll then provide a CAD drawing (realistic 3-D if necessary for visualization) of your stair - detailing the centerline of the rail and the placement of all components - for your approval. After your approval, we can begin work on your custom handrail.

Marlowe 4.jpg

The Design
Because we use the Tangent Handrail System - a time-tested method of cutting the rail out of a solid block of wood - we can make a handrail to fit any profile with pinpoint accuracy. In fact, we specialize in transitions of unusual sizes and complex shapes. The graceful, fluid line of one of our custom handrails can mask difficult changes of pitch or radius with elegance - without newel posts or goosenecks. Our method enables us to fashion beautiful wreaths and descending ("dropped") volutes and perfect reproductions for your restoration work, among other complicated handrail types.


The Material
We can work in whatever wood species is requested. We ensure that each of our handrails is of premium quality by fabricating all of the material in our own shop.

The Result
Our custom-made solid wood handrails are the product of choice for the most demanding architects, stair builders, designers, and consumers. We can ship anywhere in the world and guarantee our railing to fit the specifications you provide.